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Bathroom Remodel Louisville Ky

Bathroom Remodel Louisville Ky

A bathroom remodel in Louisville Kentucky is the perfect way to accent your home. Create a true masterpiece with the help of the trusted builders at the Watt’s Home Center.

How long do toilets and sinks last?

Everything has an expiration date. This includes toilets and vanities, lasting 20 to 50 years before requiring replacement.

Showers and other bathroom amenities have similar lifespans. While this is much longer than kitchen appliances, many of the homes in the Louisville area are nearing 50 years of age as builders built most between 1980 and 2000.

Evolving technology

From water efficiency to comfort, bathroom appliances are better today than ever before. Low flush toilets combined with caressing showerheads and powerful sinks to make a statement.

The evolution of the bathroom took America out of the age of green tile and into a world of comfort and style. Upgrading your home places you in the modern world.

Is there a danger of mold and mildew in my bathroom?

Mold and mildew thrive in damp and dark areas. This makes your bathroom among the most likely places to develop spores that can eat away at grout and tile while promoting health issues.

When remodeling your bathroom, replacing tile or hardwood with Bella Cera or IndusParquet floors removes potentially more damaging problems later. Promote style and class with fresh tile or impermeable wood.

How much does a bathroom remodel cost?

A remodel runs between $2500 and $23000 depending on the level of luxury you strive to attain. Most homeowners see an average price tag of $9600 to $11000.

Anything is within your reach but for a price. Still, you can recover a portion of your expenditures with an increase in home value.

What is the return on investment of a bathroom remodel?

Every upgrade to your home potentially increases value. Not only can you achieve your vision but can obtain some of the value back.

Bathroom remodeling carries up to an 86.4 percent return on investment. This is 6.4 percent higher than when adding entire rooms to your home.

The right company for a remodel

Nearly 14 percent of remodeling jobs fail and are never completed. The company you choose makes a major difference in the outcome of your project.

Watt’s Home Center employs quality contractors and strives to procure the highest quality materials. We stand by our product and want you to find joy in your home for decades to come, providing project management, drafting, and design services to turn your vision into reality.

A bathroom remodel in Louisville Kentucky

Kentucky is a unique state with a truly unique style. Every room in your home can reflect your vision.

As appliances near their expiration date, we can help you upgrade to a modern bathroom. From replacing ancient tile to reaching your vision of comfort and luxury, we are ready to help.

Schedule an appointment with our team. We are ready to help you from start to finish.

Bathroom Remodel Louisville Ky
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